My Peace of the Pie (Preorder)

My Peace of the Pie (Preorder)


Happily married with two adoring boys, Brandi had it all—until she didn’t. Homeless, heartbroken and inspired to leave a legacy, she makes a promise to never give up on her “next”. My Peace Of The Pie shares stories of resilience & unwavering faith as Brandi sets out to rewrite her recipe for a dream life and build a life all her own.

With humility, humor, and a dash of WTF, My Peace of the Pie tells the ups and downs of navigating entrepreneurship, family & personal development as a black woman, mother and entrepreneur: her famous artisanal vegan pizzas don’t make themselves! And they definitely won’t fly out of the ovens perfectly crisped without their passionate creator manning the helm of her ever-expanding family-run business.

Managing family dynamics, faced with her own mortality & healing, while juggling divorce, bankruptcy & homelessness, Brandi battles to maintain her light and create a life she’s only ever dreamt about. Does she develop a recipe for success? Read My Peace of the Pie to find out.

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“Everyone always asks for my recipes! I wanted to share my testimony, which is certainly an integral part of every dish. My Peace of the Pie was written to inspire other women, entrepreneurs, and anyone going through a dark period to keep the faith. Here’s my recipe on how to turn your lemons into lemonade.”


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